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Featured by Apple and enjoyed by over 195,000 users worldwide. Our Meditation apps will ease every muscle in your body, offering you Complete Relaxation!

Welcome to relaxiapps.com

The home of premium quality, HD meditation and relaxation apps for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Offered on iTunes for less than the price of a coffee; these perfectly crafted, stunning meditations, are already amongst the best available.

Presented with tone and clarity and set to a dreamy soundtrack that encourages deep relaxation and altered states of consciousness, the meditation music within our apps is also truly unique and will compliment your meditation perfectly.

Meditation is safe, healthy and ever so relaxing! Its easy too, just download the app, pop on your headphones and let us do the rest.

When listened to daily, you’ll quickly experience the benefits of calmer mind, body and soul. Our relaxation and meditation apps are just perfect and we’re sure they’ll provoke a profound, and very happy change in your life.

If you’re still not sure about Meditation, then do please download our Lite app today. Although it lacks the additional features of the Full Version, it’s still a wonderful introduction to our relaxation techniques. Plus its free and available now via the App Store.

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